User Guide


  1. User Account
    1. Sign-Up for a new User Account
    2. Sign-In your User Account
    3. Edit your User Account
    4. Wallet
      1. Deposit USDT / Geton coin
      2. Withdraw PiplCoin to BSC
    5. Referrals
    6. Account Verification
  2. Freelancing
    1. Post project
    2. Apply to a posted project
    3. Create WorkTeam
    4. Subscribe to a WorkTeam
  3. ShareWorking
    1. Post/sell ShareWorking Prospectus
    2. Buy ShareWorking Prospectus
  4. Send Transfer - payment
  5. Privacy and Security


1 User Account

1.1 How to Sign-Up for a new User Account?

1.1.1 Open https://geton.commuinty and Click on either the top or middle Register button - both buttons will open a signing-up form.

This will open the registration form. Enter your name or username, email address, Metamsk wallet code as shown in the picture and password. Finally, you must agree to the terms and conditions

An e-mail will arrive in your inbox and by confirming or clicking on the link, your account will become active.

1.2. Sign-In your User Account

1.2.1 Open https://geton.commuinty click the Login button and open a signing-up form.

1.2.2 Enter your login mail or Username and password and click Login.

1.2.3 This is how your Dashboard looks, and you can start Editing your profile and make it ready to start freelancing activities.

1.3 Edit your User Account

1.3.1 Open https://geton.commuinty and Click on either the top or middle Login - both buttons will open a signing-up form as seen below the above point

1.3.2 You have two options for editing your profile. The first is to click on the Edit button at the top right of the screen as shown in the picture below.


select an Account from the list on the left and click on it as show in the picture below 

and then edit

1.3.3 Here you can set your username and add other remaining information. After you are done click Save changes on the end of form.

1.3.4 Click on your Profile to open menu and from it select My live Profile.

1.3.5 Here you can set your Profile and Cover photos


1.4 Wallet

1.4.1 Deposit USDT / Geton coin Click on your Profile to open menu and click on Wallet Enter the amount you want to deposit (in GETON COIN or USDT) according to instructions. Copy the Deposit address and make sure to check Total amount to deposit. Under Upload Image make sure to upload a screenshot of the Transaction Hash.